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Rubin Science Platform APIs

Integrate Rubin data into your analysis tools with APIs.

Table Access Protocol

You can access catalog data using the Table Access Protocol (TAP) service with popular tools such as TOPCAT (GUI) and pyvo (Python package). The TAP endpoint is:

To access the TAP service, you also need an access token:

  1. Log into the Science Platform by clicking on the Log In button at the top-right of this page (if you aren't already logged in).
  2. Click on Security tokens from your user menu at the top-right of this page.
  3. On the Tokens page, click on Create Token.
  4. Fill out the fields:
    1. Type a token name, such as tap
    2. Select the read:tap scope.
    3. Choose an expiration timeline. The default, Never, is good for tokens that you manage yourself.
    4. Click on Create.
  5. Copy the token string and use it in any TAP client. If your client has both username and password fields, enter x-oauth-basic as the username and the token as the password.